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Styling Tips

What kind of shoes should I wear with?

1. Short Cocktail Dress

Description: Your dress is above the knee or around the knee and the dress is appropriate for prom, homecoming and formals.
Styling Tips: When you’re wearing a short cocktail dress, your shoes becomes a vital part of your outfit. It’s very important that your shoes perfectly compliment your dress whether you’re wearing a simple black cocktail dress or a sparking sequin mini dress. With a little black dress, you can create many different looks depending on an event. For example, you can pair your little black dress with classic black strappy high heel, black clutch and pearls to create a famous movie star look. Or you can wear a rhinestone sandal with metallic clutch and sparkling jewelry to dress up your simple black dress. Remember to check out all different shoe options at Zoey Bell before you select the perfect pair.

2. Graduation Dress

Description: Your dress is more casual than a cocktail dress and the dress is usually above the knee or around the knee.
Styling Tips: When shopping for graduation shoes, you must consider two things. 1. Do my shoes go with both my cap and gown and my dress? You will be taking a lot of pictures in both with your cap and gown and without. Thus, when shopping for graduation shoes, don’t forget to think about how you would look in the shoes with cap and gown and without. 2. Can you walk in the shoes? Getting your diploma is going to be one of your most memorable graduation moments. Please make sure you are comfortable walking in the shoes.

3. Ball Gown

Description: Your dress is floor length with full skirt and the dress is appropriate to Prom, Formals, Military Ball and Winter Formal Dance.
Styling Tips: Elongate your frame by wearing high heel or platform shoes. Wearing platform shoes under your ball gown will give an illusion of longer silhouette and still give you the comfort to dance the night away. Don’t forget to have the right shoes before you alter your dress. Bring your party shoes when you’re getting your dress altered, so that your tailor can make sure your dress is just the right length.

4. Sleek Long Gown

Description: Your dress is floor length and the dress is cut close to the body.
Styling Tips: Form-fitting long gown is a great way to show off your figure. The best party shoes that will flatter your sleek gown are sexy high heel sandals. Strappy high heel will give an illusion of extra long legs, just like supermodels. With figure flattering sleek long gown paired with strappy high heel sandals, you are sure to be a hit at your event.